Welcome to Pacman Inc. Services Dedicated to saving you Time & Money by
providing our Container Rental, Container Repair and Container Parts Services.



Pacman Inc has been in business 10+ years, same name, same people with over 500,000 containers repaired

With our extensive parts inventory we can repair Xytec, Ropak, Orbis, Monoflo and Buckhorn bulk containers by simply replacing the broken part with a certified discount part from our inventory

Save money! 

Buying new containers and replacement parts is expensive

Save time!

Down time waiting for up to 6 weeks for new replacement containers is wasted time. We can turn all your repairables around in a few days
Send us 208 repairable containers and get 208 containers back.

Maximize your ROI by letting us maintain your current bulk container fleet economically and efficiently

We provide bulk container repair, collapsible container repair and plastic container repair on Xytec, Ropak, Orbis, Monoflo and Buckhorn reusable containers. We repair bases, latches, rods, hinges, doors, drop doors and sides by replacing the broken part with a certified part from our inventory. Container repair is the easiest way to get all your returnable containers back